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Table/Desk Vinyl Cover

Are you looking for an elegant solution that protects a table or desk, whilst fitting a theme or style? At Blue Side Studio, our table vinyl covers are some of the finest quality on the market – and they are as waterproof as they are resistant to fading and discolouration.

Whether you need a kid’s desk covering to protect a work or play table, or if you’d like to enhance the look of your dining area with a vinyl covering; you’re in the right place.

We proudly offer an incredible variety of pre-designed vinyl table covers, as well as the option to enjoy a custom print for those with their own artwork to showcase. Vinyl desk covers bring so much to the ‘table’ and with ours, you’ll enjoy an attractive, durable solution that protects the surface underneath and looks great.

Perfect for office desks, kitchen tables, children’s desks and so much more, when choosing a vinyl covering for desks, be sure to pick one that looks, feels and functions flawlessly.

A good desk skin can go a long way – and our customers get to enjoy complete satisfaction whenever they order from us.

Why Pick Our Desk Skins and Vinyl Table Coverings?

Setting ourselves apart from our competition, we aim to combine great materials, low costs and world-class results. We use the highest quality vinyl for our table covers to ensure longevity, durability and comfort. As we keep our overheads as low as possible, we can extend these savings to our customers, too.

Each of our products is inspected for quality before leaving us, allowing you peace of mind that your desk vinyl cover will be as perfect as it is effective.

Unlike so many of our competitors that provide cheap, tacky solutions that don’t stay in place, we ensure that our table vinyl covers can be secured, slip-free and reliable no matter what you plan on using them for.

Ideal for kid’s rooms due to the soft, comfortable nature of vinyl, as well as adult offices, workplaces and businesses, our vinyl coverings are both effective and easy to order, so get in touch to learn more.