We have
20 years of experience in graphic designing.

We are designing graphics to print for your Internet needs and multimedia presentations. We also work with animation, prepare infographics, design on mugs, t-shirts and other personalised gadgets.

We also offer services like designing logos or sign on commercial advertising items like mugs, t-shirts, pens, caps, jumpers and other products with your company logo or text chosen by you.

We have our equipment and machines so you can be sure that your order is of the highest quality made in England.

Hello, I’m Paul and i design graphics and websites

My name is Paul and since 2010 I have been gaining experience as a graphic and website designer. On a daily basis I work in an advertising agency in Warsaw and I cooperate with Blue Side Studio. Through all these years of my professional work I designed for a wide spectrum of industries : healthcare, financial, legal, construction, art, sport, interior design and even brewing. My extensive range of interests and curiosity help me to deeply comprehend with a new project and met the needs of my clients. Below you can browse through my work. 
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Some of my works: